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Don Henley: A Legendary Voice Returns to His Roots: Cass County

Cass County is home to many esteemed artists and professionals. None with such world wide renown as hometown legend Don Henley. In September 2015 Cass County became the title of Henley's first solo album in fifteen years. It is a self professed "nod to my native turf in Texas. A reflection of the sounds and the textures and the images that I've carried with me..."

Don Henley began his career at Linden's American Legion Hall which is known today as Music City Texas Theater, a nonprofit organization rooted in the rich musical heritage of the area. From Henley's days with the Four Speeds, which included long time friend, colleague, and platinum recording artist Richard Bowden, Henley's career has been an astounding collection of awards and notoriety as drummer and lead vocalist for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Kennedy Center Honors inducted band, the Eagles. As a solo artist his chart topping tunes have collected countless Grammy Awards with accolades surpassing mythological status.

Long before he was dubbed one of the greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone, his American dream began here in Cass County. Download the Cass County album on iTunes or visit his site to access more records, tour dates, and merchandise.  

*Cass County is incredibly grateful to Don Henley for all he has contributed to the area and to the world.

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