Cass County Legends
Cliff Bell
Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman
Don Henley
Ellen DeGeneres
Jason Peters
Slim Richey
Thelma Mothershed Wair
The Little Rock Nine
Scott Joplin
Father of Ragtime
T Bone Walker
Daddy of the Blues
Tracy Lawrence
Richard Bowden
Brian Lawrence
Gordon McLendon
Brig Owens
Ted Thompson
Edd Hargett
Don Buford
Drew Stubbs
Tony Buzbee
American Trial Lawyer
Robert Daniel "Danny" Barr
Presidential Pilot: Air Force One
John Beasley
Derrick Blaylock
Cary Brabham
Shock Linwood
Earnest Wallace
W. Fred Cameron
Baylor Board of Regents
Brigadier General Kelley Arnold
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Several notable individuals reign from Cass County.

Below are citizens who have been submitted for legendary status listed in no particular order.

Contact your Chamber to add to the list and let's celebrate our rich history together.

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