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True Southern Charm

Bustling businesses, beautiful landscapes, and small town charm are all a part of the wonder of Atlanta, Texas. From factories and banking establishments, to children's sports and a thriving events scene,  Atlanta is a hub of exciting activity in Cass County. Just one visit to the local Chamber via social media and you will witness the colorful and robust spirit of this incredible community.  

Put away the phone and camp under the towering pine canopy of Atlanta State Park. Follow the fireflies down winding trails to spot constellations at a Park Ranger hosted event. This state park boasts breathtaking views and plenty of outdoor activity for nature lovers of all ages.

Touch down at the Atlanta Municipal Airport and indulge in community camaraderie with a side of fried everything at the annual Atlanta Forest Festival. Dust off the drop top and take a trip back in time at the Atlanta Cruise Night. Homemade ice cream and streets lined with vintage showstoppers make this family friendly event a favorite. 

The Rabbits are the town pride with masses pouring  in to school events to cheer on students in the multitude of programs hosted by the local system. Award winning sports, academia, and other extra curricular events make Atlanta a notable place to live, learn, and succeed.

Visit the following sites and make plans to hop over to Atlanta today!

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