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The action never ends in Cass County. You just have to know where to find it.

Whether you prefer concerts with big named performers under the drum lights and trusses of the illustrious Music City Texas Theater or if you like the quiet of a campout, from youth to retirees, Cass County has something for you.

City Parks and area Holiday Events are spectacular and not to be missed. 

Such events are added to community calendars daily. Follow us on Facebook and join the area Chamber sites to stay informed.

Here are a few local favorites:

Kelly Miller Circus

Atlanta Forest Festival

Atlanta Cruise Night

Atlanta State Park

Atlanta City Park

Atlanta Dixie Baseball

Cass County Park

Flag Football League

Pineywoods Youth Soccer Association

Avinger Wine Festival

Cullen Baker Country Fair

Music City Texas Theater

Cass County Championship Rodeo

Tiger Town Auction -Linden

Fall Fest - Linden United

Linden Youth Athletic Association

Linden United Waterballoon Wars

Queen City Youth Baseball 

Wildflower Trails of Texas - Avinger

Wildflower Trails of Texas - Hughes Springs

Wildflower Trails of Texas - Linden

4States Cystic Fibrosis Coonhunters Hunt 

Marietta Fall Festival


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