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Welcome to
Cass County

Follow the wildflower laden lanes to a place where you can still see the stars. Where sunsets full of swirling color are an opening act to glowing forests full of dazzling fireflies. Pristine lakes sparkle under wide open sky. Escape city lights and traffic fights to dance under blazing constellations to the music playing through the pines. Experience true Southern hospitality. Celebrate life.

Go Cass County.

About Us: 


Industry is diverse. From timber and technology to factories and retail, our business sector is expansive.  Many residents escape traffic enslaved cities to set up business remotely thanks to web services such as fiber optic Wi-Fi. A multitude of resources, including those from our local Chambers and EDCs, make growing a business with a Pineywoods view possible.


As a melting pot of  individuals with interests and gifts ranging from the arts to the rodeo arena, creating a sense of unity and community is paramount to the feeling of home. Entire organizations are dedicated to bringing together residents from every walk of life. Cass County is family.


Quality healthcare is a priority. From the esteemed walls of CHRISTUS St. Michael full service hospital in Atlanta to various assisted living and nursing home options within the county, a comfortable and quality health and wellness experience is of upmost importance for our citizens. 


Cass County is in a prime position between several cities and with access to several major highways, airline travel, and railway services:

  • Marshall 

  • Longview 

  • Texarkana

  • Dallas

  • Shreveport

  • Little Rock

Major Highways:

  • Highway 59 – Texarkana/Marshall

  • Highway 11

  • Highway 8 

  • Interstate 30 – Dallas/Little Rock

  • Interstate 20 – Shreveport/Longview/Tyler/Dallas

  • Highway 155 – Longview/Tyler

Education is important to the residents of Cass County and our schools are second to none. Academic and extra curricular excellence is evident within each school system in our distinction driven county. For secondary education you need not go far. Schools offer college courses to prepare the next generation for the workforce, and many university sites are in the area:



  • East Texas Baptist University - Marshall

  • TSTC - Marshall

  • Wiley College -Marshall

  • Texarkana College

  • Texas A&M University - Texarkana

  • Northeast Texas Community College - Mt. Pleasant

  • Tyler Junior College 

  • University of Texas Tyler

  • University of Texas Longview

Area lakes are in abundance and one of the most breathtaking places in East Texas is Lake Wright Patman. Cass County Park, Atlanta State Park, and other Patman sites offer cozy campsites  and  the perfect place for water sports and various outdoor activities.  

Other nearby lakes:

  • Caddo 

  • Lake O' the Pines

  • Lone Star Lake

Cass County Offices including District Court, Attorney, Clerk, and other public offices  can be accessed below: 



For professional assistance with gardens, grasses, and trees native to this area, a Texas A&M affiliated extension office is located in Cass County to serve your needs:



There are countless community events in our area. The Cass County Livestock Show is one of many types of youth related endeavors residents rally to support:



Learn more about population, the history, and the demographics that make up  Cass County:


Experience the Pineywoods of Northeast Texas first hand!

Go Cass County! 


*This site serves not only to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of our area, but also to put a spotlight on our Chamber businesses. If you would like your business featured, simply contact your local Chamber to obtain membership. Links provided on city pages.

Thank you for supporting Cass County commerce! 

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